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Design and Architecture

The main mistakes in the interior that make your room smaller

To make a cozy nest out of your home is not an easy thing. And if the area of ​​the apartment is small, then the task is complicated. At arrangement of space trifles does not happen. Consider everything here at once. Important criteria are the choice of furniture, a harmonious combination of textures, colors. It is equally important to withstand a certain style, while avoiding heaps, take into account the location of natural sources of light, and if necessary, supplement them with artificial ones.
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Parents and children

Kinetic sand do it yourself: delight in children and adults

In the cold season, I would like to bring even a little warmth and memories of summer on weekdays. And if the sun still does not shine brightly enough, then another component of the sea can still be reproduced at home - to make sand, which is not simple, kinetic. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is very soft and supple to the touch, but at the same time it is a single mass that can take absolutely any form and does not leave after the game small grains of sand and dirt.
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Health and beauty

Super fast and stylish haircut in minutes

When styling does not have much time and desire, you can use the ideas of fast and beautiful hairstyles. One of the most beloved and popular with the fair sex is a waterfall on her flowing hair - this hairstyle always looks good, feminine and sophisticated. It is noteworthy that you can make it in minutes!
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A spectacular touch of decor that replaces the usual night light

An original and unusual look in the interior glowing rug. Without a power source, it looks like normal, and when it is connected to the network, it starts emitting light. From the side it may seem magical, meanwhile, to make such a stylish thing under the force of even a beginning master. The secret of the glowing rug In order to make the rug glow it will be necessary: ​​cord, yarn or other material for knitting; LED hose; thick hook; power cord.
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The standard of femininity, grace and freedom: Palazzo skirts for all occasions

Strictly speaking, the skirts of the palazzo look like skirts only visually. In fact, this is an unusual cut of trousers, which appeared in the 40s of the last century. Since then, the palazzo skirts-pants have become the benchmark of femininity, grace and freedom. The recognized beauties of world cinema Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn were the first to try on the avant-garde style of the palazzo, to the general admiration of fashionistas.
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